Thursday, January 22, 2009

mlm Mentoring

Hi and welcome, I have put this blog up to help any one that is thinking of or starting an online Home Based Business. I have been involved in online marketing for a little over 6 months now but I have been putting in a lot of time an effort see for yourself if you want Quite frankly it has been a very rewarding but frustrating experience for me especially when it comes to developing that all important thing in this industry called "your List". With out a list you have no customer base to operate with.

So that being said I have been trying to find a way to get it together and I have managed to do it by using someone Else's skills and even better I get paid for doing it. The Gentleman's name is Mike Dillard and he has a system that any one can follow a develop a profitable business over time.

Here is Mikes Latest's Product Looks good puts all the pieces together for you thats cool hey (:

Mike takes you though every thing you will need to know building on a budgetHe also teaches you how to get a list and making income at the same time. You will also find out how to drive traffic to your web site. Another important part of Mikes system is showing you how to recruit people into your Business, creating your down line, and last but by no means least how to advertise cost effectively using Google PPC

I am using the tools that Mike's system has taught me to Succeed at my online Business if you have the time please feel free to view my Video below

You cant get more detailed information by going to my Web site here

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  1. I agree 100%. For those who are not sure how to create their own list, Mike Dillards system is a great way to go. Plus you get paid even if your prospect doesn't join your business. Could it get any easier?